Gmod 13 Text/Font LUA error

This is just a LUA error that can probably be easily fixed, but i’m not sure how. I was wanting to know if any of you guys knew how to fix this?

**[DarkRP Keypad V1.4 Fixed] lua/includes/modules/draw.lua:144: ‘Trebuchet34’ isn’t a valid font

  1. SetFont - [C]:-1
  2. DrawText - lua/includes/modules/draw.lua:144
    3. unknown - lua/entities/sent_keypad/cl_init.lua:122**

surface.CreateFont( “Trebuchet34”,
font = “Trebuchet”,
size = 34,
weight = 400

at the top of lua/entities/sent_keypad/cl_init.lua

Great! Thanks for the help, it worked.

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Now the only problem is when i type into the keypad, sometimes nothing pops up at all.