Gmod 13 Tool Requests

So Ive got some requests and Im wondering if they can be fulfilled.

Request 1: Combine Dropship Stool
Basically something similar to Vallentin’s Gunship Airstrike addon ( What Im looking for is to have the right mouse button to mark the drop off zone, and the left mouse button to spawn a Dropship where you are aiming. Once the drop off zone is marked, and you spawn a dropship, the Dropship flies over to the drop off zone, deploys 4-6 Combine Soldiers / Metropolice, then flies up and disappears.

Request 2: Combine Soldier Rappel tool
Basically a tool that when you click on the ground, a Metro cop or Combine Soldier spawns at the top of the map and rappels down to the ground. Or if possible, when you click on a wall, a combine rappels down infront of the wall like in Episode 1.

Thanks for reading, and I hope these can be fulfilled.

Yes and Yes.

Anyone going to try thiss?

Sorry Gman, but nope.

I mean, both of these requests are highly specialized machinima making tools that will probably never be used by anyone except yourself.

I would make them if I had the time for it.

i would make them if i was old enough to get paid
[sp]if you didn’t get the hint, i’m hinting at going to and reading the sticky please[/sp]