GMod 13

So basically I just wanted to ask if there’s anybody else that liked GMod 12 more than 13? I really liked that old look of the game. The menus where probably my favorite thing about GMod 12. I just think 13 ruined it. So I have a question. Is there anyone that could remake the Menus for GMod 13 so they look like 12? I don’t really want to revert back to 12. That would probably be boring since there would be no servers. I don’t know if this posts should be posted in any other sub-forum but I just posted it here. I can move it if you want to. Thanks for reading.

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Why would you want to remake the menus? The current spawnmenu is great after you get used to it.

Not all people have the same point of view. Some people like it. Some don’t.

I do miss a few features of GM12 but the stuff that’s been added outweighs what’s missing

I have a serious issue after the update Many of the custom models that worked such as many of the mass effect models and the final fantasy 13 models have completely disapeared from the spawn menu and i cant even find it through browsing so i take it gmod 13 update broke ragdolls

No, you need to change the “Info.txt” in your addons to “Addon.txt”, then download the Legacy Addon Browser from the Workshop.