Gmod 2 maps in 1?

I has been wondering the past weeks on something.
Is it possible to make multiple maps in one?

Like for an example Downtown put together with EvoCity?
Is that possible?

Thanks in advance…


Hey man, this might be the wrong section to post in. Scroll a bit further down the page for the GMod Mapping section.


Sorry. :wink:


While it is “possible”, there are likely technical limitations as Source maps have a limit on entities as far as I remember. Combining two massive maps into one would likely hit that limit and cause Hammer to kill itself.

The other question is “should you?”

I don’t think the source for these maps have been released so you’d need to decompile them. This raises a whole bunch of ethical questions.

The source for both maps have been released, but good luck putting them together. You’re right that Source would not take to them kindly.

There’s a hard brush and visleaf limit for maps, at least on the compiler side of things. Both these maps undoubtedly get very close to those limits on their own. I’d say it’s possible to pull off, but it’d be an incredibly complex and time consuming process of selectively converting brush geometry to models and simplifying actual world geometry for visleafs.

It’d be easier to build a new map just as large and complex.

Evocity is already at the limits, so putting downtown in there would not work.

it’s possible if the maps aren’t so huge and rich. but the limitations would be environmental lighting/skybox

Layout as well.

Also, no you cannot add much more to evocity. Its at limits, or very near limits for the engine.

I’m no mapping expert but I have to contradict you.
While I was looking for a map to put into my RP server months ago, I came across to this map which is what OP is basically asking for.

It literally has Evocity and Downtown fused together. It lagged quite a bit from an area to another when I used to play with my Intel HD4000 though, may perform way better with dedicated graphics cards.

High load times between zones is definately an issue with CPU/RAM.
Anyone got any screenshots of this map? Fort Zancudo (GTAV) + Downtown + Evociity, sounds like its just either gooing to be either:

  1. unoptimized
  2. fullbright (taking mesh to brush never ends well for lighting)
  3. all of the above

I don’t have any screenshots nor I intend to download GMod from scratch just to try this map again but from what I could remember each “map” of the map (lol?) was connected to eachother by this small area, which was some kind of park with big roads and high walls if my memory serves well (maybe the Fort Zancudo you’re talking about?).
Lightning was ok, same as the stock maps played separately, though I didn’t download all the content packs for Evocity and saw some errors on what they could’ve been trees.