Gmod 2 maps in 1?

Hey :smiley:
I has been wondering something… :stuck_out_tongue:
Is it possible to put 2 maps together?

For an example Downtown and EvoCity?

Thanks in advance. :smiley:


Maybe possible. But mostly no because evocity is already reach/near the source’s limit I guess
If you cleanup the whole suburb and replace it with downtown themed area it could be possible
And I don’t think the 2 theme gonna match too

Im not really know,but it think it can be done.
Problem is either it hit source limit,or the file is really large and pain in ass to download

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Its true.Evocity is one of the biggest maps on the workshop.There is no way you could merge another map with it.

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It’s kinda possible, there’s a SCP map that connects the ovicity map and the SCP facility map, replacing the train station with the facility. But evocity’s a small map so it kinda works out.

:v: not that small

From what i understand you could run 3 servers, 2 for the maps you want and 1 as a redirect server

Our map hits around 99% of the brush limit and it’s half the size of evo city i would suppose it would be very unlikely for those maps to be merged not without a lot of work anyway.