gmod 3rd person death bugged

I love my 3rd person death, watching my ragdoll fail.

I download new addons pretty much every day and I avoid non-addons (overwriting).
Recently, my 3rd person death stopped working. Removing addons didn’t work, reinstalling didn’t work. I’m quite confused and do not understand why it simply won’t work.

Instead of the fancy ragdoll I see the camera focused on one point, I can still rotate around the y axis and I don’t see my player model.

I use a default zombie player model in case you’d like to know.

These are the recent mods I installed:
slow npc and player pack 3 4 & 5
nuke pack 4
kermite weapons
gta4 vehicles
for_allah (terrorist bomb thing)
gib mod
grapple hook

Most of these simply should not affect the death view.

Could it be it’s some option I turned off?

Meh, I’m confused.

Gib mod, maybe?

Clean gmod.


Goto steamapps/(your steam username)/garrysmod/garrysmod

Rename the second garrysmod folder to something like “garrysmod old”

I already cleared my garry’s mod folder but that didn’t work.

I’ll have a look at gibmod although I do think I’ve tried removing this before.

I’ll keep trying and see wut happens

Epic bump & double post - sorry

Just wanted to let you know it was idd the gibmod. So I’d like to warn those who experience the same problem - delete that stupid addon lol

Try avoiding addons that have custom cameras too, because most of the time people override CalcView.