Gmod 3rd view bug!

Recently I was playing Garry’s mod and i tried using the “thirdview” command. The camera is very interesting, but my player is kinda weird. Here is a screenshot of how he is.

No matter what I do it will keep with this strange ragdoll behind him. Anyone knows a way to fix it?

                                  Regards, DLexar.

Do you have any Legs mods installed?

 If you mean those legs that when you look down you see them, yes I do. Is there a problem with this?

Yes. The addon is causing your issue. Remove it if it’s a big deal to you.

Too bad, I like those legs. Anyway, I’ll remove them. Thanks, I’ll post again in a while to say the result.

Well, it just worked fine. Are you guys sure that there isn’t a way to have both working at same time?