Gmod: 501st Clone Troopers

I don’t know how I missed this section of FP, so here, have my (probably) shitty art.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.
Greed is good, have a bonus.

Again, feedback is appreciated.

I don’t know if it’s just me or the images aren’t showing, so I’ll just put the links below.

Keep in mind that I’m still learning, so don’t expect too much quality from these.

Well for having just started they’re not that bad. The second one is a bit too dark and the light effect doesn’t work all too well (that low-poly model doesn’t do you much justice either), but the first one, despite being super compressed, is relatively well lit and posed. Don’t beat yourself up, they’re by no means shitty and you’ve got potential if you just persist with the hobby and always strive to improve. We all start somewhere. As for the images, wrap [IMG] or [T] tags around the image link itself, instead of the page. (Copy image address) instead of just the page link.

Inside the 2 tags above fit your image link. You know it’s an image if it ends in a .jpg or .png or .gif.

Ah, danke.