GMod 9 are not loading

Hi, I have a Problem.
I have downloaded GMod9 and installed it but it don`t load itself and gives a Error Message.

What can I do??

Spend $10 and get Gmod10.
or atleast, post a picture of what the fucking error is.

When Im at home I load a Picture up. I Cant get GMod10 because I have no CreditCard or something else.

atleast go indepth on the issue? seriously. “I gets error message! It borked, help!” leads to no resolutions.

All-purpose credit-card gift-cards. Get them at any convenience store.

Just because 10 in newer doesn’t make it better. Sure it has addons and crap, but some of us want to get away from wire and E2 for a bit :\

As for the problem, we do need a picture or some text saying what happens.

Hey guess what

Wire doesn’t come with GMod

If you don’t want it don’t download it

No one is forcing you to get wiremod. It doesn’t come packaged with gmod, and garry, IIRC, doesnt like it.
and because 10 is newer, it is better. it runs on the beautiful EP2/OBE engine. it also comes with fretta gamemodes. As long as many other great features, gamemodes, and possibilities. So yes, because it is newer, it is better.

Looking at your Steam profile, it looks like you don’t have Counter Strike: Source.
No, neither CS 1.6 nor Condition Zero will work.

Either get CS:S, or try what I suggested in another thread.


You need a goddamn Source game of any kind.


He wants to play Gmod 9 so he need HL2, HL2:DM, CS:S not any source game

The reason it isn’t launching is because you should have Gmod 10. C’mon, show Garry you care.

So after Steam yesterday doesn`t worked. Her now the Picture of the Error.

But I think you have answered my Question without it.

PS: GMod10 is not from the Creator of GMod. Just by a side.


:psyduck: ENGLISH, HUMAN! What the hell do you mean “Gmod 10 is not from the Creator of GMod”?

I’m pretty sure that all versions of Garry’s Mod were created by the same Garry.

I think you’re getting that error message because you don’t have all the necessary game content to run gmod.

Then I must buy CS:S. OK and this Thread can be closed.

PS: I had a wrong Information because Garry 9 and 10.




Lol, at your postscript.

And yeah, answer: get gmod10. find a fucking credit card.


Wait, is this a possibility of a pirated steam copy?


Just because it stated the content servers are offline. Just a suggestion to throw into the pool.

Or he/she has GMod 10, and is dumb enough to not own HL2 and went “lol it should work witout surce gaem :downs:”