Gmod 9: Could not load library client

Before this error starts pop up i had: “Can’t find background image materials/console/startup_loading.vtf”. After it I go to SteamApps/sourcemods/gmod9/materials/console and I put there any .vtf and .vmf file, than “Could not find library client” pop up.

My GMod9 Version is 9.0.4. CAN somebody give me missing files or tell me how to fix it?

Additional informations:
Games What i have:
-HL: Source
-CS: Source
-HL2: DM
-HL: DM Source
-All Episodes
-HL Anthology
-HL2 Lost Coast

It’s not updated for Steampipe.

Gmod 9 is also older than your grandmother, pay for the latest version, it really isn’t that much