Gmod 9 opening HL2

I used to play GMOD 9 all the time but i haven’t played for about 2 years. I just went to play it and instead of the normal main menu, it takes me to the half life 2 menu and the only tab i can click on is options.

I uninstalled and redownloaded it but it still does the same thing…what do i do?

Get GMod 10


Dont come to the forums with the expectation of getting support for GMod9

gmod 9 is dead, literally, there are no playable builds.

All answers to gmod9 questions are: Get Garry’s Mod 10!

Heh, i told you it’s been a while.


I now own Gmod 10.



The answer to Gmod9 questions is always: Get GMOD 10.
Sorry I’m late :v:

I sometimes play Gmod 9 for nostalgia. Feels good man.

ITT: It’s 2005 According to OP.

Which isn’t bad… Good shit, man.