Gmod 9 Physgun

Many individuals are familiar with the fact that in gmod 9 ragdoll posing was significantly more comfortable due to the way that physgun felt.

Some time ago, it has been told that a console command existed which allowed to replicate that feel in the latest Gmod, I would appreciate if someone reminded me what it was.

I don’t think there is one apart from finding some addon, but if so I am to, interested in this.

Yeah, I loved the gmod 9 physgun, I understand exactly what you are talking about.

Yes me too. The ‘new’ physgun feels different and more laggy.

If I were to explain it in greater detail, it generally felt a lot smoother, and more “solid” ragdoll posing was actually pleasant and easy to execute, as opposed to the ragdoll posing of today which mostly consists of wrestling with ragdoll’s body parts.

Enough with the “Yeah I know how that felt like. Good ol’ time” crap. Does anyone know the convar or not?

Yeah I know how that felt like. Good ol’ time

:hampants: Looking for this, someone give it up please.

So what did it feel like?

Felt like easier control.

I am bumping this thread for now, we have to actually get an answer to this question.

This is relevant to probably the whole screenshot section’s interests.

But it doesn’t seem to be possible from what I think I’ve heard somewhere I don’t remember.

I clearly recall seeing a specific console command which allowed for a relatively accurate emulation of the gmod 9 physgun, there has to be an answer.


I HATE the new physgun. I spend hours just wrestling with a ragdolls limbs to get a good pose.

It is an addon.
Look it up.

I had been messing around with the console and i came across a comand that allowed the physgun to be more steady and accurate. The command is physgun_teleportdistance 1. Its not perfect but it allows you to be more precise when moving objects. I would only recomend that you use it if you want to move the ragdoll’s hands, feet, or head. If you try to pose the whole ragdoll with this command it gets kind of messy.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but is this the kind of thing you’re looking for? If not, ignore me and rate boxes or whatever makes you happy.