Gmod 9 Post-Processing for Gmod 10

Hey, I’m looking for someone who can help me with an issue. I’d like the Gmod 9 Post-Processing options like fog and other things, and have it all working for gmod 10. Required for a machinima. Credits will go to the maker.

sv_cheats 1
fog_enable 1
fog_override 1

then use the fog_* commands to customize it as you need it

Ok, but arnt there other Post-Processing options not available in gmod 10?

[Edit] Great, we have a Dumb Post Troll.

i’m not trolling, that’s how you can make fog

not u, someone is spamming “Dumb” on all the posts. and I didnt know, so dont go calling me noob, Im just still sorta used to the Gmod 9 Layout.