Gmod 9 toolgun effects?

Remember back in Gmod 9 when you would go to weld something and and a green hitbox type thing would appear around the prop/ragdoll? well I thought It would be useful in Gmod 10, because the little “X” that appears is too small and hard to tell what it hits, especially when you have things really close together or no-collided. SO I was wondering if anyone would like to do this please? I would appreciate it. and I’m sure some other people would too.

That’s…why we have a crosshair? I’m not sure how far you are away from your weld to say that the x is to small, because it’s pretty dang noticing to me.

i struggle with the little x too

Just use SmartSnap, it’s pretty sweet.

I do, but it doesn’t work on ragdolls or oddly shaped objects. And about the crosshair, thats not what I’m talking about, It’s when you click on something to weld, the green box appears around it so you know what you just selected. rather than the gmod 10 one which is just a small x that appears on the prop you selected to weld.

I know, but what is in your crosshair is what you select, but I can think of situations in which that would be challenging. Go get the smartweld tool (may or may not work), or get the Easy Precision tool

Just use the grid.

Oh! sweet! the first link is pretty much two things I have been looking for in one tool! thanks :smile: