Gmod 9 won't start! None of my games do!

Gmod 9 hadn’t been working very well for me so I decided to reinstall it. I did, now it won’t start. It just goes to a black screen for a second and then goes back to normal. How do I fix this?
Sorry if I sound like a noob, but I’ve been having Gmod problems for a long time now, like months. I checked and I have the newest video card drivers. When Gmod did work(a very long time ago), it ran perfectly, not even a little bit of lag.

Tried to reinstall Steam? (Not only klick “uninstall”, delete the whole Steam-Folder after you did!)

Ok, I’ve never tried that.

EDIT: Should I? I think it deletes all of my games as well…

Just move your SteamApps folder onto your desktop and move it back in after the reinstall. Also, uninstalling steam does not delete your games. The games are saved on to your account so you can download them whenever you want.


Can anybody solve the problem? It’s not just with my Steam games. I have GTA3 and that doesn’t work either.

Correct! I did format c: a couple of times since I use Steam and I never lost any game! (This would be cruel - I still go to school and the 70€ I invested into my account would be for nothing…)

Edit: What? GTA doesn’t work either? Man, I think you screwed up your system! When did you reinstall Windows the last time?

I haven’t reinstalled it yet. This computer is just a couple months old. I don’t know what’s wrong with this stupid computer. :frowning:

Are you absolutely sure that you have the latest version of your video card driver? Also, has GTA ever worked before?

Update graphics card and sound card/whatever drivers.

Yes, even the sound card can fuck up a 3d environment.

Oh really? Ok, I’ll try that.

‘a couple months’… I managed it to fuck up my win in half an hour!

In fact, the activation feature of Win XP is useless - your system is already trashed in 30 days!

oh… I should reinstall myself… will do next days…
(finally I’ll get Ubuntu on a 3rd partition)

Crap, when I reinstalled Steam I put my Steamapps folder back and it still says I have no games. Now I have to redownload them. :frowning:

access your Steam account and install the games first. then paste the Steamapps folder.

Why do you still have Gmod 9 anyways?

mine won’t start either.i was gonna try the ravenholm mod and dodge ball mod but none of my games will start not even gmod 10

Oh gee, I don’t know maybe because Gmod 10 is 10 dollars and some people don’t want to pay?

and 9 is free and has more stuff lua wise



Just restart steam

first get gmod 10 then wipe out your steam account of all its games and media and crap then reinstall all that crap

Well my friends GM9 does not even show up in steam after restarting steam, what is he to do ?


Well my friends GM9 does not even show up in steam after restarting steam, what is he to do ?