Gmod Achievement Day (playing with garry)

As we all know, in Garry’s Mod there is an achievement for playing on the same server as Garry. This achievement has now become almost impossible since Garry is spending most, if not all, of his time developing and playing Rust. And when I say impossible, I mean only 1.2% of people who have ever played Garry’s Mod have ever done this.

And that needs to change.

So I am proposing that for one day, Garry, you can be idle on a server for 24 hours and let people get on and off of the server, not taking more than 5 minutes. Not only will they get the achievement, but they could also ask questions in chat that are never really answered.

Just a thought.

Does this really matter? It’s an achievement in a video game. It’s not supposed to be easy anyway.

Well, better do it now before there’s no possible chance.

And there’s a difference between easy and impossible.

So you just won’t get the achievement then…who cares?

I did think it was kind of dumb how there was an achievement that’s the equivalent of “pre-ordered the game!” achievements, where you have little or no opportunity to do anything to earn it. Not really that important, though…

I guess he could just load up garrysmod on some random laptop and just afk it for a day?
Just make a script to kick the player after 2minutes when they join if their steamid isn’t garry’s and put the laptop on charge. No effort needed

Back in the day he played alot of fretta on public servers. You’re late to the party.

Or, make the said achievement work like the Gearbox and Rockstar related achievements

Play with Garry/Play with someone who has this achievement

Or just remove it. The only people that have it are the people that cheat/hack to get achievements.

Except the ones who got it legitimately.

Also making it this easy to get would kinda devalue it

If it means that much to them, they could always use lua to figure it out, most of the achievement functions are there and I’m sure feigning something like… Fuck that, I’m sure there’s some program that’ll hack your achievements…