Gmod ACOG Crosshairs

So I’ve recently added several weapons to my server. The ones with Acog sights on them have the default sniper crosshairs when zoomed. I was wondering how I could draw the red dot into a red triangle. Also to create another scope as well as draw only the outline of the scope and not block off the whole screen. Similar to these:,zQxsVX0#1

This is just a PNG or a VTF with an alpha channel.

You could also remove necessity for a download by drawing a small circle in the middle of the screen or creating a chevron using drawline and trig.

How would I add a png to the scope then? (I’m using the default sniper zoom as a template)

Draw a textured rectangle @ half the screen width and half the screen height, OR get the owner’s aimpos and perform ToScreen on it to get coordinates to place the textured rect.

I’m having trouble just getting a png or vtf for the scope before I can even add it in. Anyone got anything I can use? (picture or something)

M9k, Mad Cow, etc all have nice ones

Alright I have one that looks nice for one weapon. I have the textures on my server but it comes up as missing when zooming in. I’m not even sure I added this right. Is there a wiki page on this?