GMod Addon Amount Limits and GMad Addon Total filesize limits

Been needing some help with this for a while now, but as of late GMod seems to have an issue were having more than 450 addons from Workshop installed causes GMod to malfunction, not allowing it to save screenshots, dupes or game saves. Also when using GMad to compile a GMA to upload to workshop, any addon folders with a total of over 512 MB will cause GMad to always make a GMA that weighs exactly 512 MB and when uploaded using GMPublish, will always fail compression, thus cancelling the process. I wish to know if there are any ways to fix or work around these errors as they are really holding up my work.

Thanks in advance.

The workshop’s max compressed file size limit is apparently 100mb. The compressor has an average compression rate of around 70%, so you could more than likely have 300mb of addons being compressed down to under 100mb, but it depends on what you’re compressing.

You could just do multi-parts in the workshop, that’s what I always see people doing on very large addons.

Just make sure your uncompressed addon folder is less than 350 MB and it’ll be fine.
A 344.6MB addon compressed fine for me.
A 372.7MB addon shows “compression failed” for me.
So I guess 350 is about the max.