Gmod Addon Manager

Hi there,
I’d wrote a simple program to manage gmod addons. It requires .NET 4.0 (newest one), and (surprisingly) PC with Windows OS
Operation is easy (at least for me), the only thing that you have to do is to specify the addons directory, program will instantly create a new directory for disabled addons (called “tempDONTTOUCHTHIS” )
Program is as simple as it can be, if it gets enough attention (ie. if anyone will use it ), I’ll add new features.
Please, give it a try… :wink:
Here’s download link -
And here’s virus scan link -

Looks cool! nice job, saves me having to dig through all my files.

I have a suggestion, a “Add” button so you can easily insert addons.

reupload pls

A few screenshots would be nice.

I don’t think this-
Oh wait, that was addonissimo.
I wonder if this’ll do the trick.

Download link is broken.

Wouldnt you have to download the addons? Then move it to the addons folder/garrysmod folder? Other than toybox, addons that you get arent in game. I dont think an addon is capable of unzipping a file then moving them all to the right places.

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