Gmod addon problem

Hey guys this is my first post so sorry if i have it in the wroung spot but i need help on a problem

Well i download gmod addons like the rest of you but I have this problem with alot of them. I download the addon, put it in the addons folder and unpack it, but it wont work. I’m just wondering do I need to get the entire orange box or do i need to create seperate folders for stuff or something. If I could get help on this that would be great


My advice is unpack it to a new folder then if that folder contains the file info.txt then copy it to the add ons folder if not then its not an add-on. So if we have an add-on named SuperGun.rar we do the following

1.Unpack the add-on to a folder named SuperGun
2.Open Folder and check for info.txt
2a. If exists move to add ons
2b. If doesn’t exist move each folder to corresponding folders e.g… SuperGun/Lua > garrysmod/Lua
3. Profit ???

If doasnt work post screen of add-on folder in garrysmod folder and screen of the add-on folder that your trying to install.