Gmod addons- am I doing something wrong?

I tried to download an addon to Gmod. I did it as I read on a web site, yet the addon will not appear on Gmod! I moved the folder with the addon to Users>username>Library>Application Support>Steam>SteamApps>steam name>garrysmod>garrysmod>addons. (I am using Mac OSX Lion.) I then started up the game and my addon was not there. Is it possible this addon is outdated, or am I doing something wrong?

Note: This is my first time using an addon, so I’m not very good at this stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you extract it with winrar?
Is there an info.txt inside the folder?

Stuff is usually stored in a .zip folder. Remember to go into the zip folder, then copy the folder inside and move that to addons. Not the whole zip folder.

Was looking for an answer like this also, is that the same with .rars? Finder usually interprets .rars as .zips so I can decompress them as normal.
Plus, if the addon was a ragdoll pack, where can I find it? (I’m guessing it’s going to be in the ‘browse’ section of the content menu, but just double checking.)

If is has an info.txt, then it will be in the browse, but in its own folders. If it only has models and materials, you’ll have to scroll through all until you see the file.