Gmod Addons not Showing up in Game

Hello, I’ve recently had problems with my Gmod addons, me and my friend have a server… And one day I joined and I seemed to not have ANY of my addons, I checked my subscribed list and it says “Nothing Found!” afterwards I checked my addons folder in steamapps and all the .gma files were there. I also have some other addons. (TMD Cars, Adv Dup 1 & 2)

Please Help!


Do the legacy addons (non gma) addons work? If so try deleting all the .gmas in your addons folder and let them redownload. There may also be a chance of hitting the lua limit, try to not go over 5 pages of addons (not including maps).

Same problem, i’m reinstalling gmod 2 times, not working.

Try turning steam to “offline mode”, then re-enabling online mode. Afterwards, Launch GarrysMod.
If the previous actions do not get your addons back, restart steam, if that doesn’t recover them: you must re-install them all.

This is and has been an existing problem with steam across workshop-enabled games.

There’s not much that can be done to fix this issue currently, its up to Steam to fix it.

The same happens to me. In Offline Mode, GMod loads the addons i’ve already downloaded, but it won’t autodownload nothing in any case.

If you open Garry’s Mod and download an addon vía Steam, it downloads, and GMod loads it while open, but when you restart the game it wont load the addon.

You can download addons with Steam but you will need to gointo offline mode to have GMod loading them.

Actually I have the same problem too, any ideas?

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Any pre existing addons seem to work, they just don’t show up in the addon list in game

Same, addons show up just fine in workshop though.

A Steam update from last night completely broke the workshop for a few games, Expect it to be fixed eventually.

I knew something was fishy about that update, my steam took about 25 minutes to startup after it. That could have been me though.