Gmod Addons Question

Can Gmod 13 Addons work on the old Gmod 12?

Why would you still have gmod 12? Unless you are using a pirated version.

I’m not using a pirated Gmod 12. I MIGHT, though, since I do not like GM13 that much. EDIT: Just rememered that using a pirated version of Gmod gets you a permanant ban from Facepunch. Guess I wont download pirated GM12.

Is this some kind of joke?


How do you have Gmod 12 if you have a legit copy of Gmod. It was updated to 13.


I don’t have Gmod 12.

It’s possible if you have steam in offline mode all the time. Then the games will never receive any updates.

Good idea :slight_smile: