Gmod Addons.

Sorry if this isn’t in the proper forum, I’m a n00b.

 Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could recommend good addons for Garry's Mod.  All I currently have are Kermite's Swep packs.

PHX SVN and Wire SVN if you want it minimalistic.

If you want a full set of models and tools its going to take some time to find them all.

And for fucks sake, don’t go get PHX and Wire in ‘addon’ format from Get the SVN. It’s not hard

1: PHX (SVN) (
2: Wiremod (SVN)(
3: Wight Tool
4: Stacker Tool
5: Door Tool
6: Weld Smart
7: Unbreakable Tool
8: Maps…
9: Car Packs…
10: Weapon Packs…
11: Cool Backgrounds, Physics gun and Gravity gun.
12: Advanced Duplicator Bases…
13: DarkRP (For Single Player…)

^ 1 - 7 for minimalistic setup

weld smart/smart weld sucks. i cant believe anyone still recommends them.