GMod Adv. Duplicator Troubleshooting

Hi guys,
I have recently hadmy laptop repaired, the BIOS updated and new fan installed. GMod now is being a pain up the arse. To connect to a single player game takes 20-up to an hour, and to connect to a multi-player, well, it just wont. It times out or just goes back to pick a server screen. But the thing that isannoying me most it the fact that my Adv. Dupe tool is screwed up. Basically anything that is welded to something else acts like it is roped. The dupes worked fine before but now welds are like putty. Please help me as I just downloaded Klayking’s Dupes which are awesom but i cannot usethem :confused: HELP ME!!!

P.S Can anyone tell me what tiberium is, does and how to use it? :slight_smile:

Don’t use a lot of addons. I personally use like 20 ones but I think 5 is enough: Wire, Phx, Dupe, Anti Noclip and Smart Constraint. Erm about duping i have no idea, maybe update the SVN. Oh and if you don’t use SVN you’re basicly screwed. If you wanna know how to use SVN use Google. I hope that helps.

Addons depend on what you do.
I don’t go OTT with addons, yet I have 40 or so folders in addons.
SBEP counts for 5, Wire is 3, Stargate is 3, LS2 is 2, default content addons, luapad, utime (for hud),E2 addons, UDF, Tabbed spawnmenu, SPP, Gcombat, Wire extras and maps.

Spacebuild Wirer learning Lua with organisation.

As for Tiberium, it’s a fictional crystal from the Command And Conquer series. Featured in:
Tiberian Dawn
Tiberian Sun
Tiberium Wars
Tiberian twilight.