Gmod AI Won't Attack

So let’s say I spawn a Combine soldier, he just kinda… lies there. I know this is the default setting, but ai_disable 0 doesn’t work for me either, I’d love to set up 100 combine soldiers that I could just take down, but the game won’t let me.
I also have Garry’s Mod 9, not 10, so don’t try and tell me to get 10, as I do plan on getting it, however I want to test out 9 first.

You’ve probably set themn to ignore players. Try typing “notarget” in the console.

Oh and “ai_disable” is a toggle command, you don’t need the 0 after it.

Nope, didn’t work. And they can’t really ignore the players, they’re just dead on the ground.
Like after you kill someone, they fall on the ground and you can, like, pick up their body with the toolgun and all that, but I can’t even make them stand up on their own. T_T I really want to be able to fight against them, but notarget didn’t work, and there’s nothing I can check to see if they’re set to ignore me.

Oh rioght derp

You’re spawning ragdolls, not NPCs.

Open the spawn menu then click the NPC tab in the top-left. Then you can spawn NPCs.

I was about to call myself a total idiot for not realizing this, but there was no NPC tab, maybe gmod 9 didn’t download with npc’s or something. I’ll go to download some npc pack and then edit this post if it worked or not.

Looks like I was an idiot. After allowing npc’s I was able to figure it all out, and it was totally super kawaii.
Thanks so much :smiley:

Still though, hurry up and get GMod 10.

I know I’ll get banned for this, but what do I want in Gmod 10?