Gmod always crashing between 15 and 18 minutes of game time

So without fail my Gmod crashes when i have been on a server for between 15 - 18 mins
I looked up the crash logs and saw this

the full thing is here:–Fbt8vdLKlJ8dGG7-xF6f7E8MFgo=

I don’t have experience when it comes to .MDMP files so any help would be much appreciated

In your console log:

10849(1666.453125):  Download The content pack to stop crashes

It may be that the server maliciously crashes your game.

I’m member of staff on the server where it crashes, and we had an issue a while back where if you didn’t have all the addons it crashed.
so thats why thats there. but currently I’m the only person on the server with this issue

Always helpful to unsubscribe to everything/verify your files, and subscribe to whatever content pack is associated with that server. That did the trick for me multiple times.

It’s a very unusual crash, there are no gmod libraries involved in the crash, I’d suggest you either update or uninstall “RivaTuner media encoder library” or possibly “MSI Afterburner”.

I believe one of those are causing your problem.

Thanks this worked like a charm, I never would have though of that, as everything else runs perfectly.

well, thanks mate