Gmod and CSS Texture errors?

So I have this problem with Gmod and CSS, I try to use the 5 different automatic weapons (excluding the Para) and they show up pink and black. I DO own the game.,LT7mx,DvDZw,O7xnx,zsYor

Any help would be nice.

Link to steam account?

If you are using legit gmod and css then and that is the defualt AK swep then gmod should reload the textures from the css gcf. There is no way to get rid of the default textures unless you uninstalled it.

Also don’t claim it’s under your username because that steam name doesn’t work and I can’t find a steam profile under the name of SenileSlayer15

Oh yeah hah, since I last used Facepunch I changed my steam name.

Sorry about that!

Do you have css mounted? Is that the default ak?

I think I have it mounted, All the other CSS textures work!Just not the AK, m16 (m4 :P), MP5, TMP, and Mac10.

Try verifying the cache for CSS.

Didn’t work :confused: