GMOD and Half life EP 2

I have recently bought both GMod the orange box and the problem I’m having is that Gmod doesn’t detect Half life Episode 2. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Thanks in advance.

It’s only a bug, EP2 content works just fine even it doesn’t “detect” it.

You have to run a game at least once for GMod to be able to mount it.

Well, I had run the game a dozen times, but still couldn’t mount it. I decided to take a look at a few files.
In steam/accountname/garrysmod/garrysmod/cfg is a file: “content”, I added

	"420"       {                    "mount"		"1"     }

in the end of the file, and EP2 was still “unavailable”, but I could spawn all the EP2 stuff and play all EP2 maps.

did you read the first reply

I did, but EP2 didn’t work for me without adding that to the config. I couldn’t spawn any EP2 things or play any EP2 maps.