Gmod and its Random Crashes

Jesus Christ, my gmod keeps crashing at the most inconvenient fucking time and its really starting to piss me off (amirite)? I read that the less shitty the PC is then the less that gmod would crash but this is starting to get out of hand. And help here?

My specs:

AMD Sempron +3200 @ 1.8ghz
960MB RAM (256 Is shared with my gpu)
Onboard geforce 6150LE
250GB IDE hard drive
Windows XP Sp2

Try buying another stick of RAM. Or a not-onboard card (so the 256 gets freed). Preferably both if you can afford it.

Card prices may vary, but RAM’s pretty cheap. I think it’s like $40 these days.

tbh, you need a new computer overall.

Random crashes can also be mitigated by periodically reinstalling gmod and making sure there’s no significant fragmentation in the game files.

But yeah, an upgrade couldn’t hurt either.