Gmod and L4D2 SDK

Is it possible to make a layout of a map on Hammer, let me and my friends Gmod it, and save it and bring it back to Hammer for final touches like spawns?

What do you mean by “GMod it”? Like, spawn props and stuff? Because you can spawn props in Hammer.

Oh and IIRC L4D2 uses a different version of .bsp, so maps made in the L4D2 Hammer won’t work in GMod anyway.

I believe you use the Episode One Hammer, but I am not sure, I don’t map much <_>

css maps can be transfered and hl2dm?

You can port older source maps into L4D2, but not vice-versa at the moment.

Gmod 9 had a feature like this, don’t know how it worked though.

VMF loader. Let you place props in a map then copied the prop layout to the vmf file you chose.

It works in the current version of GMod too I believe.

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