GMOD (and other Source games) randomly freezing...

Sup guys, got a bit of a problem here… Almost any server I go on, mostly GMod and TF2, I’ll be playing as happily as can be, then I just randomly freeze… It’s kind of like the period of time when the server is about to crash, where it gives you the countdown timer, but the timer isn’t there, and I can still look around, even sometimes see other players moving around. Is there any way to fix this, or am I fucked?


Please guys i need halp

If this happens on other games as well, ask steam support.

I got the same problem…

Post your PC specs.

Lol genius… it runs perfectly to me when i don’t noclip - but if i do, i freeze sometimes. Everything runs perfectly can shoot around but can’t open Q menu or move around. Also can’t press ESC either. It was perfect before and now it should be bad because my computer sucks? …

Why do my pc specs matter since it’s most likely a problem with steam?

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Also, the keyboard is not battery powered.

Check to make sure the keyboard’s cables are all hooked in securely.

If that fails, try a new keyboard.

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Yeh i changed my keyboard batteries : even worse!
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Try updating your drivers, including directx 10.

I did update them all.
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