Gmod and Sony Vegas 9 Effects test (1080p)

Trying to get the Sin City effect, where the blood is red but everything else is black and white. Anyway enjoy. It’s just a short.


You should add a threshold effect and a high contrast, what did you do in order to create this effect though, I like it.

nice. And music from LOST is awesome :slight_smile:


You should have done:

  • One layer with your black & white effect
  • One layer with everything but high values on the R channel edited out

I thought he was peeing in the sink for a second. :geno:

Anyway, looks nice. When he got shot, more than the blood was in color though.

What effect would that achieve?

When he got shot, first thing that came to mind was “CROTCH GUN GOTTA BE A CROTCH GUN”

He wasn’t? :open_mouth:

If you want a sin city effect I’d suggest doing what max says. Use bloodless footage of the body dropping to make black and white, then put a croma keyed layer of just red blood over the top.

The only color (aside from B&W) would be saturated red, which is only present in blood (in your footage at least)

Oh right, i’ll give it a try thanks.