GMod and "The Ship"?

Not a request, but searching for “The Ship” hasn’t produced any serious results, but has anyone ever tried porting over models and characters from the game The Ship? If I recall correctly there were a handful of characters and sets. Granted, I wouldn’t expect anyone to try and load in an entire ship level, but I was curious as to whether anyone ever got the NPC’s into GMod and were able to animate them?

No. Why would anyone want them?

The closest thing relating to ‘The Ship’ was a props pack that came out when it was released.

Not sure if this is what you meant but if you own the game supposedly this should get at least the props and ragdolls in game for you using what I think is a similar setup for getting Dark Messiah models in game. I can’t vouch for this one though since I haven’t used it.

At the risk of sounding lame, I asked about the characters from The Ship as it might increase my chances of my model request getting done. Although the hidden agenda existed, this was not the correct place to say it. That being said, I never actually did notice any specific threads that catered to this game, despite being a Steam release.

I will try out that link when the game arrives and, fingers crossed, I’ll have something to show for it. Thank you kindly for providing that.

Well I already had that game (unfortunately) and I couldn’t sleep so I decided to try it real quick. While it does work and the vast majority of the props are fine (with the exception of some hat boxes that are checkerboarded) the ragdolls are pretty restrictive in their posing. Still, at least I gained some nifty props out of the deal.

sounds awesome. When you say that the rags were restrictive do they not bend well? Or you can’t pose their faces?

Does the model manipulator tool work to get them on an NPC?

Well I don’t know about the model manipulator tool but somehow I doubt it since I think they’re supposed to have the same skeleton. They bend horribly, you would have to use the easy weld tool to get them in to any decent pose…their arms actually bend the wrong way at the elbows for one thing. Surprisingly enough they do have fair faceposing, but no fingerposing.

Actually, if you read the description the file Drainwater posted it tells you how to get the models free and not considered warez

Oh read over that, I just skimmed down to the .gcf part and realized it was just like Dark Messiah…since I already had it anyway.

I’ve tried it, all errors, it doesn’t work, and I bought the game off steam

You extracted the file called “The Ship Common.gcf”? Specifically the materials and models folder out of it? You have to run the game at least once or none of the files will show up. At least, I had to.

As far as the Ship’s character models not bending correctly, would it be possible for a skilled modeler to extract out the characters and then build them up or “hex” them(?) around the skeletal structure of the Half Life 2 ragdolls and NPCs?

I hope this makes sense? It is probably a lot more complicated than I make it out to be, but I’m so oblivious as to modeling limitations and restrictions.

So I gave this a shot, and the ragdolls don’t seem to pose weird at all. The only problem that I seem to have is…

No hair!! I understand that, to keep the models in The Ship constantly varying the hair, hats, etc, are detached, but when you try to put a hat back on a ragdoll it collides. I’m guessing a no-collide would fix this. Also, the Model Manipulator allows the ragdolls to port over to the NPC, and their faces can be moved (no fingers) and they can even lipsync with NPC Scene which is awesome. Although I couldn’t get any of the new “World Leaders” to, but hey, that’s all good.

There are several ragdolls that come with that have hats and hair, but these are only a handful.

In summation:
[li]Most of the ragdolls are bald but a few of them are not.
[/li][li]Hats, glasses, etc must be attached, and will only work with ragdolls (as far as I know)
[/li][li]Almost all of them can be manipulated to an NPC.
[/li][li]Most lipsync
[/li][li]Faces can be posed
[/li][li]Fingers cannot.

I know no one really cares, but always helps to have some kind of record. :slight_smile: Cheers.

I found them to be very restrictive, especially their right arm I think it was. I tried to have a character simply point a gun at another character and he couldn’t put his arm straight out…and the elbows on one of the arms are reversed.

so I just realized that I wrote “a no-collide” would fix this, but that is actually the opposite of what I meant to say. What is the tool you would use in order to get props to go through each other?

There seems to be some “barriers” around hats and hair that prevent them from getting onto the heads successfully.

anyone? Bueller?

The maps of this game don’t work, even if you port the models and textures, the map will not work.

That bald chick is smokin ;]

Actually the no-collide tool IS what you would need to get props to go through each other. And maps from non-Valve Source games never work in Gmod, even though they’re in .bsp format.

Ship maps require minor edits.