Gmod and Wall Worm Updated Docs and Video

I’ve updated Wall Worm today along with adding some new documentation on setting up Wall Worm for Gmod. Along with the docs is a new video that walks you through the setup, builds a simple Level with a few models and a phys prop. The scene and level are then exported into Gmod.

You can get a zip file of the sample scene from the video at the link above. Enjoy.

Don’t know if this is relevant, but do we still need Convexity for the Quick Hull? It’s not available for purchase anymore, and there’s no way of getting it from any other website.

No… You do not need Convexity for the Quick Hull functions. If you have a version of Max that has MassFX (or the older NVidia PhysX plugin) then Wall Worm uses that for the hull generation functions. Also, WW has its own entity tools now too, which are briefly used in the video.