Gmod animation bones are inverted

I’m making a custom kill move with Bsmod. When I look at my animation in crowbar it looks fine. Here is a picture of it. image
But when I actually implement it into the game my characters in the animation end up looking like this.

(I was going to put an image here but I can’t since I’m a new user) My character’s bones are warped so it looks like the bones are being flipped or destroyed somehow.

If you don’t know a solution, are there any other places I can get help? Like is there a Gmod stack exchange or something like that? or a discord server for Bsmod? The last time I checked, the author hadn’t posted any.
Thanks for your help.

You can ask for help on the Garry’s Mod Discord but if you are using other software than the one provided, I doubt that people can really help you.