GMod Annoyances

This game is excellent and easily my top sandbox game ever. However every game has its share of annoyances, and GMOD is sure full of them.

And yes, this is a pointless vent topic we can all use.

Game Related:

1: The Load Times. Oh sweet merciful Cthulhu the load times.

2: The inability to download a map directly from a server when you can download everything from swep’s to lua files.

3: Not being able to save a map online

4: Trying to use NPC’s online…

Player Related:

1: Idiots who blow up your stuff akin to kicking down your lincoln log house.

2: Elitist spacebuild players.

3: Wiremod mingebags

4: Admin minges who ragequit or kick players for little reason.

Oh, and you. Especially you.

also minge them.

2) Thats a server setting. Not gmod.


  1. Go to a server with Prop Protection

You will also find out very fast that people don’t care about your rants. Rants are just like minges… no one wants to hear or see them.

Sadly they always reappear D:

I’m well aware people don’t like to read rants and keep bottled up and insist everything is correct. See: My avatar, this topic.


SWeps are Lua files.

Also, you can download maps.

I’ve downloaded maps (from servers).

Servers can disable map downloads if they want to, and most small servers do (maps are big, so people downloading them would taken a nice chunk of bandwidth*)

As for load times, it only takes a long time if;

a) you have a lot of addons
b) you haven’t been to the server before (and have to download a bunch of stuff**)
c) your computer is slow.

once you’ve been to a server, you don’t have to download stuff from them anymore (unless they get new stuff, or you delete dua folder). So the blame of slow connections to servers lays with them processing your info slowly (even then, it shouldn’t take very long), or your computer sending the info slowly (or a fun-tastic combo of both!)

*and could cause lag when people are downloading the map.
**maybe even the map!

Mobenix takes long to load, because it’s huge.