GMod at school.

So recently my school’s Animation Club has started a new season and the focus of our films this year will be Garry’s Mod! How did I manage to do that? Every week we give the librarian an extra large pizza so he won’t bring us in to the IT guy. The school is loaded with blocking software so we went to the server computer while the IT guy was gone and installed Hamachi. We can link up any PC to the network without the crappy blocking software. All that remains now is to showcase our stuff to the school before we get screwed over and suspended! :smiley:

OK? What exactly are we going to do here…? It’s really just a story that you put out there. I’m sort of confused.

Wish I could have rated: ZING, WINNER, And Funny xD

Hopefully since it’s for academics, you won’t get screwed over. In the mean time, good luck with that GMod animation!

Gmod animation for school.

If a teacher can use it to teach science, he can use it to learn animation

Physics is the best.

You know your IT person would probably be supportive of the idea?

You know the OP is most likely making the story about going into the server room up, what kinda idiot wouldn’t lock it.

My old school didn’t, was hilarious.

It’s more fun to hack into the Network and do it like that than be James “Slipdicked Narwal” Bond.

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Also, We need a ‘Liar’ rating :confused:

At my school that would be mega impossible. They monitor everything you do, and know when you are on what site at what time.

Can’t monitor shit.

Also good job OP.

Most primary/secondary schools I’ve been to have a proxy server, set up so that the only way in or out of the school’s LAN is through that server, where they log and filter your access. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t help much in that situation.

plug yer smartphone in and use the hotspot feature?

Wish I could punch through monitors.

That should work, assuming the computers have wifi/USB tether support.

One of my friends who goes to the same college originally went to a course that were doing Source mapping, but they stopped and now play Garry’s Mod during lectures. :v: