Gmod auto connected to a server upon launch? WTF?

So, I just launched Gmod and my client connected to a server on it’s own.


I’ve never played there, it’s not in my history & no friends are playing there. For the client to auto join that IP is weird as fuck…

Checked for any dodgy LUA files, non found. Anyone got any ideas?

  • take a look at [steam folder]\steamapps[steam login]\garrysmod\garrysmod\cfg\autoexec.cfg
  • check launch parametrs
  • check menu plugins [steam folder]\steamapps[steam login]\garrysmod\garrysmod\lua\menu_plugins
  • try to temporairly rename [steam folder]\steamapps[steam login]\garrysmod\garrysmod folder

first things I checked, along with checking the edited dates on all my LUA files & wire mode files(only addon I run).

Not happened since, but this was random as hell…