Gmod Automatic Payments - ULX and PayPal.

Very old post of mine. Since I posted this I have completely learned LUA and wrote my own donation system.
This makes me cringe.

I would be surprised if anyone did this for $10… An auto-donation system usually goes for $40-$100 depending if it’s already created and just requires installation.

Good luck, you’ll need it.

Go to the lua Hire/Recruitment thread. And scroll down to a guy named ollie, he has an auto donation system up for purchase, and it only cost about $10! Very cheap if you ask me, if you can’t find the post here it is:

Hope you get it!


Are there any donation systems still available ?

I’m searching one for ± 15 $ ffs

I’m sure ollie is still doing it.

I wouldn’t mind coding you something, but not for $15.

All you need is a MySQL server to store the donations, and make ULX load them.
PayPal is the easy part.

Call me a sucker but I once did a full donation system for $10 including a menu and everything


I’m pretty new at lua but I’ll take a look for free, and tell you if I see any mistakes

You don’t know anything about lua so I don’t really think that would help…

Pfffffft. I know how to print “Hello World”, so I’m better than most gmodders. That counts for something, right?


-final snip-