GMod aviation thread

A gmod aviation thread. I want to see some screenshots of your creations in the field of flight.


  3. Avoid making an all-thruster design.**
  4. No keep upright.
  5. No Nograv (unless it is to improve the speed of a propeller)
  6. If you are enthusiastic enough, please post a youtube video of your plane, helicopter, or gyro

*Airboat Gyrocopters are exluded from this rule.
** I just want to see some original designs, for all of those people who havent delved into gmod aviation there are several tools such as fin II, propeller, and wing that create more realistic flight designs

I will worship anyone who can come up with a new method of aviation (while staying in accordance with the rules above)
This plane uses Fin to keep aloft and stable. Maneuvers with thrusters. It has a 20mm mounted on the shoulder, an advanced HUD system to show where the enemy is, and capable of carrying two dumb bombs on each wing and dropping them.
This plane isn’t finished yet, and I probably won’t finish it.

Wow, I am amazed. I havent ever seen something so intricate. Come one people, bring in some more designs.

What if we suck at wire and can’t make one of those fancy wire planes?

Well, it doesnt need to be some intricate fancy wire plane. It just has to utilize an interesting design.


Note: It would be cool if someone could try to make a flying saucer (stick with the rules, however the saucer may use all thrusters).

can i make a plane which has a forward facing propeller?
if so then i will get onto that after i do some other stuff

here are my planes


Here are the two planes i would like to submit.

Both were made by me alone, and are full flying using fin. The fin setup is nearly perfect and both planes can soar for about a minute with no power at all. That makes for a better take off and realistic landing. I hate when i see planes stop in midair and just float to the ground because forward thrust is no longer applied.


LOL i love the B-52 its absolutely gigantic!

My shizz.

This thread is kind of useles since it has the exact same purpose as the contraption board.


JA-37 Viggen


also… for lols

@ Machaddock: That jetliner is pretty epic, if there were any maps in existence big enough to fly it in.

As an aviation enthusiast i love to built aircraft and crap in Gmod but it’s almost impossible to fly properly because the maps are way too small.

Great stuff. Thought this thread was going to die out after like four posts. Keep it coming.
P.S. Anyone have any autogyros or helicopters they wanna post?

Old F-22 styled fighter, made like 5 months ago and recently I got to work around it to make it fly better with some fancy wire fin controller + speedo stuff :V

I would post some of my own stuff, but right now my gaming computer is broke and im too lazy to get a new power supply. Now ive been seeing a lot of cool modern jet fighters and big planes, but how about some biplanes and WWII fighters. Note : Something i havent ever seen was a gmod Me 262.

Lol, I wanted to make one sometime, but guess I forgot.

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i have spoken, now get.

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Did you watch the video I posted?

VTOLs/STOLs allowed?

SEXY Idea =]

anyway I’m going to try and make my engine to to power my WWII style (not basing it on an actual plane but it will have propellers and crap), bad news is that all my forcer engines have failed… mainly because of the sliders

all your planes are looking good to =)