Gmod Background

Feel free to turn into your menu background

You are Joking?, Right?


no thank you

I’ll choose not to.


best screenshot 2011

gimme your steam account profile, i’m going to add you then buy you a game of your choice

Yet another piece of shit that took five minutes.

Besides not many people pay attention to the background that much, you only see it for the few seconds/minutes that it takes to choose the map, gamemode, various game settings, and whether it’s singleplayer or multiplayer.

Please stop doing shit threads with shit content.
If i am correct, this is the 2nd time you done a shitty background.

Please stop, And hone your posing and make something with a little more interesting stuff.
And with this quality of content, please post it in this thread:

who the hell would want this as their background.

Of course I will put this as my Garry’s Mod background!

If you give me something very good in return.

First impression, reading the title:
OH GOD NO! Not again!!!

Impression when i saw the actual picture:
OH GOD NO! Not again!!!

Stupid backgrounds. Stupid backgrounds never change.

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A mentally destroyed person.

Fresh members these days.

What drugs were you on when you made this?


Another Moron who thinks that’s pretty funny to put inflators.

What the fuck is this shit.

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I hope you’re fucking happy.

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Why did I do this


i see everything now

Is that a flying Osama?