GMOD Backgrounds Continued...

Hey, I know the contest is over, but I don’t think that should mean we quit making GMOD backgrounds. Since a huge majority of us don’t like the new background I though I would take the liberty of starting a new BG thread. Keep em coming guys!

Insta-artistic for you.
That looks really nice.

Hey that doesn’t look to bad. I like. Me give artistic.

And perhaps people should avoid posting their old entries, but make new pictures?

Yes, I agree. Stick to the same general rules. And no re-posts.

Also thanks to both of you![/media]


And Another…


I’ll try to be more creative in my next few posts.

The logo doesn’t work great with light places.

I want four big american TETEES on my background.

Pretty darn good, I just don’t like the blur.

Yea sometimes the DoF can be hard on the eyes. The first one I nailed it perfect, but the second 2, its a coin toss. I’m going to be working on some more concepts later.


Also, I encourage all you guys who read this, and post to come up with stuff. All of your different shots you come up with helps me create more ideas myself.

I may post a DL link to mine for anyone who wants to use it in a bit, anyway, here is the picture

I wish there was a higher quality Phys gun, That’s why I try to keep it just out of focus on the DoF shots. Good posing and nice idea. Maybe try the same pose in a different setting. Just a thought.

heres my pride and glory:


i have it sized to 1680x1050 in, but apparently photobucket doesn’t like that

wow, thanks. you get a wrench :D. my last post should be updated

Fuck the current background I’m using this.

Which one?

Here’s my entry that was passed up for that emo bullshit.


Includes widescreen and non widescreen versions, along with versions with the garrysmod logo. Simply rename the file to “background01” and place it in your garrysmod/garrysmod/materials/console folder.

I’ve been trying forever to make widescreen backgrounds for my 16:10 monitor. Is it possible?
I can’t seem to find a working background for 16:10 aspect ratios

You could always take multiple pictures and stitch them together to make it bigger. That’s what I did :v:

This is a great shot, I do like it, I think this one was even considered when he was making the changes. I’m not sure why he passed this one up.

I know it might not of won, But I tried