Gmod Backgrounds

Hey, does anyone know how to get the background in Gmod to make a slide show (Like, every time it starts up) like TF2? I really would appreciate it if someone would inform me on how to do this!

Also, i want to know how to get the loading screen to change, like when I’m loading a game… so if some one figure that out, tell meh!!

I would like to know this too.

you should ask there:

A slide show :question:

yeah, like a slide show, i want to get it to change every time i start by Gmod

I don’t think thats even possible

I think it is possible, TF2 uses background01 and background02 so i think if you make a new background and give it a different number it might work. I’ll try that and see if it works.

You can do it, you just need to animate the picture then make a normal background.

yeah, i tried the numbering, that didn’t work, and animating it sounds too complicated, but I’ll keep that on the list of solutions

Animate the texture, shitloads of memory, but it works.

yeah, but i want to know how it would change the background…