GMod ban help/mingebag communities

Lately since i’ve come back to gmod i’ve noticed i get vote-kicked a lot and even banned, I am not doing anything wrong or against the rules

This latest ban was a supposed ‘kick’, I joined a fretta server with a pretty awesome RTD system, was a great 5 minuites, gamemode changes to deathrun, after about 2 minuites when i was in spectate mode (I got killed by a trap) My name pops up with Votekick, the server had 23 players 21 voted i get kicked, i then rejoin and i get banned straight away.

I joined on my other steam account and ask for a reason, BAM i get perma banned with the reason “.”

This is not the only server this has happened, I don’t use scripts or hacks of any kind, I’ve checked my lua auto-run folder and even resorted to uninstalling/deleting and reinstalling gmod. steam name is “Chaoss”, i tried changing it to “A fag with a rifle” and regardless of the name same thing happens.

I’m not a mingebag and i followed the rules, didn’t go afk and even read chat, i have voice/mics disabled completely so it’s not that. Anyone here noticed gmod has been really kinda shit lately

Gmod isn’t shit. People are shit. there is a difference.

Play on decent servers.

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Like stonedpotatoes.

Light a joint and nostalgia about Gmod 9 and back, be happy…(How good the community as a whole was back then)

If you think gmod is shit, join the D3vine RP, you’ll see how much it’s turned.

D3vine in general has gone down the shitter. :\ kinda sad really

Yep, it was sad, but now it’s funny.

oh well i guess. Thats why i have my own server :stuck_out_tongue:

Gmod9: “Jerry’s Build Server”, 16/16 players, no minges, Sandbox, gm_construct, no custom content
Gmod10: “EPIC DARKRP SERVER MATURE FASTDL LOOKING FOR ADMINS NO FURRIES NO HOMOS FOLLOW RULES XxNOTAMINGE2001xX WORD IS LAW” 1/64 players, all minges, DarkDM, gm_500MBmapthatrequireseverthing, requires 11.6GB of custom content, downloads at 1KB/s.

Look at the old servers. Now look at By comparing good to shit, we can see just how far we’ve fallen.