Gmod base_gamemode (AKA the sandbox base) broken.

A couple of days ago when my internet was out I decided to play Gmod because I was bored. As you know if you’ve played offline before, all the crap that you “Uninstalled” (AKA The workshop just said “Don’t load that.”) decides to load up. Anywho after loading up sandbox everything went to crap. Both the toolgun/Camera were totally broken, the skyboxes of GM_Construct and GM_Flatgrass went black, and the playermodel based hands went missing. After getting my internet back most things went back to normal, except the Toolgun, Camera, and hands were still broken. Now it’s been 2 or so days and the skyboxes have gone black again.

I’ve tried disabling all addons, and launching a vanilla Gmod map. Still no luck. For some reason it appears the game is still attempting to load all the disabled addons so the console gets spammed to the limit with “ERROR: Trying to derive entity base_wire_entity from non existant entity base_gmodentity!”. I know that specific one is referring to Wiremod, but there’s a whole variety of errors. So much so, that I can’t see any of console from when GMOD is first loading the map.

Anyone have any ideas?

Also, I haven’t touched the base gamemode and I’m attempting to launch sandbox.
edit: I’ve also validated the game cache and it only replaced 3 files. Still no fix though.

Well it seems your problem is that the game is loading supposedly disabled addons. Have you cleared out your addons folder and ensured you’re not subscribed to any workshop addons?

I’ll wipe out my addons folder to see if it helps at all, but I literally think there’s something wrong with either the base gamemode files or the sandbox files.

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Well damn. It works again. (Really hoping this merges.)

Ok well now I have to go through and painstakingly readd everything one by one, but thank you for suggesting that. I can’t possibly imagine what the hell caused the base gamemode to go bad, but I’ll find out soon enough.