Gmod: Basic Fireworks Tutorial

Follow this link to learn the basics of firework making in Garry’s Mod!

and no this is not advertising, this is merely helping you create fireworks!

No offense, but nobody makes fireworks anymore?

Oh and sorry to point it out, its not very details, nor does it look good. It looks like windows movie maker.

well considering it is my first ever tutorial video, i think i did it quite good and besisdes, it does say BASICS, not the advanced stuff…

It’s ok to do it in SP, I guess. But once you do it on a server, everyone else does it too, and it doesn’t turn out well.

Woo woo!
All aboard the lag train!

i made a lag train once, was fun, although i crashed the server because someone made 1 too… wasn’t pretty

I made a firework show once, and minges were asking me how did i do it. All i said was watch and learn. they started trying to duplicate my fireworks, all i tought was.

Can we duplicate other persons stuff?..

it was a long time ago. good times.