Gmod basics Vending machine!


I hope u learn something from it!
This is the link : [hd][/hd]

Okay, let me help you out a bit here. Please start embedding your videos in your posts with etheir media tags or if you have HD video use HD tags. So do this:


And get this:


Also in your video you give no indication of that you’re doing, no voice over or captions.

Does this need a video, It’s way too easy.

This is way too simple to make an actual tutorial over. Plus, you showed that you didn’t even know how to Shift+E, which really points out you shouldn’t be making tutorials at all.

Regardless, since you been banned already, I have doubts that you’re going to be around for long enough to actually read this and care.

I take that back. You’re obviously a troll, so nevermind.

You can’t even place a damned vending machine on a straight angle…


And what a shitty version of In Bloom.

Thnx for the message if u not like it go to hell… lol looooooooOOOOooOOooOOol