Gmod Battle Royale C:

This was supposed to be HD but what the hell…

So… It’s NPCs fighting eachother? :downsbravo:

Holy Shit. I like the opening credits, you did a good job moving the camera about to make it look cool.

The first fight. “Let’s call it a draw shall we”. Indeed, or that battle would exceed Youtubes time limit on videos:)

Was that sarcasm with the camera? xD

No, the way you moved the camera about was pretty good. Made it look dramatic.

Havent really thought of it that way :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

Hey nice video.

Hope you make more…

Hey wait


It was just NPCs fighting, try maybe scripting it, make it interesting. All it is npcs shooting,ramming,zapping each other on the spot.

Yeah… I kinda wanted to make even something else. Then I saw I had the NPC relationship tool :stuck_out_tongue:
So that led to this and me not doing the other thing >.>

And yeah Im learning scripted sequences in hammer.

ANd I know how to facepose :slight_smile:

Yeah… So I noticed in couple of scenes that the npcs came and started following you. You might wanna put Ignore players on in the NPC spawn menu. (Just incase you didn´t know)