GMOD Battlegrounds

GMOD Battlegrounds

I’ve spent about 3 weeks developing this gamemode non stop.
I’ve always been interested in creating a battleroyale-like gamemode.
With Player Unknown Battlegrounds being so hot I decided it’s probably a good time to host
A list of ideas and features have been created and I’m currently going to be completing them as time goes on
I’ve slammed in enough features to the point where I think it is now playable and fun.
If you enjoy games like H1Z1 or PUBG you’ll most likely enjoy this gamemode.

So far in this current build the gamemode currently provides:
Drag n Drop Inventory
Playzone which forces players to center point of sphere.
Custom Weapon Hotbar
Jumping from a fucking plane
Compass for callouts
Team Duos
Team Spectating
Unboxing Crate System
Unlockable/Tradeable Attachments
Unlockable/Tradeable Player Models
Unlockable/Tradeable Parachutes
Wearable Armor/Weapons
And much, much more![/T]

Planned Features:
Betting items/money on dead players
Minigames for dead players
Squad Parties, currently only support Duo
Exclusive party voice chat
Custom player models with unique clothing
Level system which features rewards upon leveling up

Other Info:
This gamemode is really important to me so seeing it prosper would be the best thing ever.
I’m open to criticism however only constructive criticism.
If you guys have any suggestions or just wanna say something nice feel free to go ahead.
Cheers mates, this is my first gamemode, hope ya’ll enjoy

Open source it?

Yeah best thing to do if you want it to prosper is let other servers come up, you’ll get plenty of feedback/suggestions from more players

I was just about to throw up an AU server for this to find no link :~)

Bro this gamemode I can tell would be a fucking blast to play. Just try to optimize it as much as possible and you got yourself a dedicated player. :slight_smile:

You should really put it on Github.

My fps drop to 15 when playing on the server
Im curious if the gamemode or something else is causing it
(I normally have 60-80)

The map itself is not fantastic, and there’s a mass amount of entities on the ground at once. The entities get removed once they’re x distance away from the playzone, so as time goes on the fps should improve. Once the core content is done, optimization and fixes will be on my to do list.

That map is fine to me so i think it was the entities, many player, or just the gamemode core
But it’s still a great job, keep it up

I just started coding a gamemode like this two days ago… You have to be kidding me, awesome job though!

You shouldn’t make it open source right now. It’s better to have 32 players on one server, than have 10 servers with 2 players on each. You’ll just get downrated in scoreboard list.

Take the SantosRP pvs buffer and modify it, it should help with the FPS a lot, friend of mine used it and put it on a heavy DarkRP, ~120 fps constant with 40 players

to be fair the subforum is called Gamemode and Addon RELEASES :wink:

Why would he open source it? That’s how all good gamemodes get used to exploit players and get saturated with gmodstore addons. If you think it’s a good gamemode, play it on his server which will have the most up to date content, rather than supporting an idiot server owner that lacks the motivation and vision and sees hosting it as a cash grab.

pvs buffer? Care to elaborate?

I was halfway done with it

Fuck you dan

[sp]JK this looks greats, happy to see the pubg craze is gonna hit gmod too[/sp]

Damn, I had this in my mind to make but I don’t have the skill to do it. Good job!

Why not sell it? i would buy it.

Money isn’t everything